What Is A FreedomPreneur™?

A FreedomPreneur™ is a passionate and hungry entrepreneur that runs a business on their terms.

A FreedomPreneur™ is a life enthusiast that creates a business to give themselves freedom, to do what they love, and blaze their own path to follow their dreams. Whatever that means to them.

A FreedomPreneur™ can be a workaholic (because that’s what they love) or have a 4-hour workweek. For us it means having a business that enables us to spend a lot of time with our two children. For others it means a laptop lifestyle, working from exotic places and soaking up the sun as they work.

A FreedomPreneur™ writes their own rules, they have escaped the rat race, started a business and made following their passions their full time job.

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The Method

Developed by Amanda C. Watts whilst building her own business.   Refined and then taught to individuals and businesses from 5 continents, the FreedomPreneur Method is your blueprint to business success.
Covering areas such as business development, marketing, products, pitching, sales and more the FreedomPreneur Method is a structured, step-by-step path to a life of Freedom.  This is the focus of our programme and the cornerstone of the Academy.
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The FreedomPreneur Methodology

The Programme

When you enroll in the FreedomPreneur™ Programme you will become part of a tribe of hungry and purposeful FreedomPreneurs™.

Over six months you will attend 8 live days in London working through the Freedompreneur Methodology. There are also an additional 6 online momentum session which are recorded. The training includes workbooks, audios, ebooks and video downloads.

The mentors for the programme are industry experts and business leaders from across the UK and their training will allow you to quickly and purposefully implement the FreedomPreneur Methodology.

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We host a variety of events online and offline. They are a great opportunity for you to learn from other business owners and increase your connections.
You can attend our monthly event, FreedomPreneurs™ In London, and listen to the guests speakers as they talk about their business secrets and successes.  Take part in our regular webinars, join the book club, or just network with other FreedomPreneurs.
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Our Community | FreedomPreneur Business Academy

Our Community

Many Freedompreneurs™ feel lost and alone in their work, frustrated and confused.  Our community is here to support and encourage you, help you grow your business and your self.  We are creating a movement and we want you to be a part of it!
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I chose the programme as it seemed to give a framework around starting a business that just made sense.

Through an easy and fun system the progamme takes you through the process of starting a business to successfully running it.

I gained confidence, had coherent system for my clients to follow, I had time to plan and a comprehensive understanding of where my business should be positioned and who is would help.

Coming from a corporate world I found Amanda’s programme to be a breath of fresh air that gave life to my business.  I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.

Mark Poultney

Leadership Development Coach

I wanted to do Amanda’s coaching, because I decided I was ready to start business and having coaching with Amanda, sounded like perfect fit with my current busy lifestyle.

Also the programme covered everything I had to begin my business.

My biggest point were lack of clarity who is my ideal client. I never done online business before,. so all the technical details and online marketing was very confusing to me and this programme with Amanda’s guidance put everything into place.

My last but perhaps biggest point was to become visible and start sharing my message. I overcome this and now it looks very natural thing to me without fear of what others might think of me and what I do.

Amanda exceeded all my expectations; she is amazing not only as a coach but also as a person.  She believed in me even when I was not was extremely helpful all the way through. I really would never been without her where I am now.

Jurgita Kasparr

Relationship Coach

Hi, I ‘m Warren Inspire Ryan, I recently did Amanda’s programme. I have been in business for just over 5 months now, I was in a place where I had amazing content and delivery, but I didn’t have a niche or clients. I was doing so many different things, it was like chasing 10 rabbits at once.

Since doing the programme, I have now been able to package my services and tailor it to my niche. I now have a successful business and I have earned £7000 in one month which is a new height for me.

Warren Ryan

Coach and Motivational Speaker

FreedomPreneur Business Academy | Business Coaching

Do You Want To Have More Freedom In Your Life?

Hi!  We are Amanda and Matthew Watts and we invite you to join us here at the FreedomPreneur Business Academy.

Whether you are in business to create a  laptop lifestyle, working from anywhere at anytime, or you want to create a global business and touch the lives of millions, we can help you create a solid business foundation that will support whichever direction you choose to grow.

The FreedomPreneur Methodology has helped 1000’s of people on 5 continents. It is a proven system that will change your business, and your life forever.

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