I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the chances are you fall into the 99% that are not being seen…

Do you sit in your office wishing your ideal clients knew you were there?

Do you spend your time thinking ‘if only they knew how amazing my business was’ then I would:

  • Get more clients
  • Charge what I am worth
  • Stop worrying about where my next client was coming from

Know that the future was going to be fine!

The biggest problem that ALL my clients come to me with is that their potential clients didn’t even know they existed.

The problem is, if you want to start a business or grow your current business, you are limiting yourself if you are not visible for all to see.

And I am not talking about networking, its more fundamental than that.

You see if you are experiencing any of the following you are probably not showing up as bright as you could be:

  • Are you cringing at the thought of shining?
  • Do you worry about what others will say about you?
  • Do you still not have clarity on who your clients are, or where to find them?
  • Are you still resisting having a niche?
  • Are you blending in with the crowd instead of standing tall above it?

Are you scared what success will do to your family dynamics?

Well to start with I want to say this is normal and you will fall into the 99% of those who ‘hide’.  Next I want to give you some pointers on how to get out of this problem, and step into your ‘True You’ and start to hustle:

Step One: Learn From My Mother

Next time you are shopping for clothes, give the attendant your business card.  I was in a shop the other day and started speaking about my branding shoot in Paris. We got into this conversation as the attendant asked what I was buying the  clothes for  – guess what, the attendant wanted to set up a business…

#Hustle time – out came the business card which answered all her prayers.

I use to think it mad that my mother found out so much about people she had never met before… she would talk to strangers at bus stops, in a queue for anything, and even the man at the train station who used to collect tickets. Years of watching her must have rubbed off because I now use the art of small talk to get me business… and the local coffee shop is a great place to network!

Step Two: Be A Nosy Neighbour

Do your neighborus know what you do? Have you spoken to them recently? Most people do not even know the names of their neighbours anymore, let alone speak to them.  It’s time to go back to traditional neighbourly values.  Organize a BBQ, invite the neighbours over and pitch like fury.  See if they are interested, or know anyone interested in your services. Of course bring out the Pimms too, but your job is to #hustle.

Step 3: Go To The Pub

If you know your ideal client, and are clear on what kind of places they hang out in, maybe it’s time you go hang there too… Stand at the bar and speak to  everyone who is waiting to order a drink. Get into conversations, find out what people do, but avoid Friday and Saturday nights.  You don’t want it to be too busy, and you want to hear yourself above the noise!

They don’t know, what they don’t know.

Most people don’t even realize that they need your services. And it is your job to make sure you are found and people know what you do.

They are in need of your products and services today, and you might be the answer to their prayers.  So if you need the excuse to make small talk with strangers, or want to find out more about your neighbours, or even want the excuse to go to the pub, here it is.

Don’t sit back and wait for business to come to you.  If you want to grow your business you are going to have to get over being shy, you need to #hustle and start spreading the word that you are there.

Action overcomes fear, and when you overcome the fear of growing your business magic happens.

So get clear on your message, who your ideal clients are and go hang where they hang. Go shopping, be a nosy neighbour and hang out at the local pub. Who said networking had to be boring!

Good luck and happy marketing