72% of us dream about living life on our own terms, escaping the corporate job, and fleeing the cubicle.

72% long to adventure into a business on our terms…

Since you are reading this blog I am going to go out on a limb here and am guessing that you are part of this 72%.

That you are already thinking about why you should become a corporate escapee.

I used to think that too.

In my late twenties I would commute to work for 1.5 hours on bus, train then tube. If I was in the High Wycombe office it could take me 3 hours each way to get to and from work. I had sold myself to the highest bidder, and after being headhunted I chased the title and the big bucks. I got them, but I also got ill, fat and miserable. It was at this point I entered the 72% statistic.

Over 70% of my week was being spent building someone else’s dreams… and I was just a cog in someone else’s wheel…

I’d sold myself to the highest bidder so I could live life on my terms for less than 30% of the time…

Well now it’s 2016, and I live life on my terms. I fled the cubicle, escaped the city, ran from my 9-5 and I help others do the same. Becoming an entrepreneur became a defining moment in my personal development as well as my business development.

Today I give you the reasons as to why you should become a corporate escapee and join me on the scariest yet most exhilarating journey of your life:


There is so much noise in the corporate world. Rules, red tape, procedures, policies and a whole lot of ‘this is how we do it, don’t forget to write your weekly report’. You’re hands are tied, and things happen slowly.

Once you become a corporate escapee you will be able to do what you want when you want… your creativity will flow and your ideas can become real… no longer do you have red tape and procedures… you can dance to your own tune!


Only today was I speaking with my father about the time he got made redundant. My parents had just bought a house and my sister and I were teenagers. My father had spoken to the CEO of the business before he bought the house and asked if his job was secure so he could stretch himself and upgrade our home. The CEO said everything was fine and to buy the house. 3 months later my father was made redundant… the job, the car and the security went out the window.

If you become a corporate escapee you will never be made redundant. You can craft your own path, you can grow and excel. No job is secure, no matter how much you believe it is. By running your own business you eliminate the biggest fear of the corporate world. REDUNDANCY. By the way, my father set up his own business after being made redundant… we kept the house and he became happier. Working as a tax technician in the corporate world never made him happy anyway. He loved his talents… but not the company he worked for!


I used to be two people. The work ‘Amanda’ and home ‘manda’. Work Amanda had to be the motivator, never tire and reach hard targets… it was go go go and life was a competition. ‘Home’ Manda was a softer girl… who cared about people and hated the fact that it was all about ‘Show me the money!’ at work… Now there is no split personality. I have created a business that is all about helping the world and the people in it… it’s no longer about the money and stress, but about success on my terms… and helping my clients do the same…


As I mentioned before… when you build someone else’s dreams you are powerless… you are not doing anything for you… it’s all about others…

After you become a corporate escapee and start running your own business will enable you to become more powerful than you ever thought possible. One of the first things I cover in The Corporate Escape Programme is about ensuring that the Powerful You is engrained into all you do. By running your business you take your power back, and find courage and gumption to do more than you could ever believe possible. You will no longer be an insignificant cubicle dweller… you will be the master of your own destiny. Now that’s what I call powerful!


During my time within the corporate rat race I made a lot of friends… now it could be the nature of the beast and the industry I worked in, but in hind sight these friends were always friendly to make sure that I didn’t get one step ahead of them. The corporate world can become a great place to keep your enemies closer. The politics and game playing meant that nothing was really real.

After you become a corporate escapee and start your own business you will make real friends. The entrepreneurial world is full of people who want to help and support you. There are no politics, and people connect because of authentic values and great big missions they want to share. There are events to go to, people to hang out with, stories to share and caring of others. The only price of admission into the corporate escape club is a friendly disposition and the willingness to help others find their way.


Back to the 72% statistic. Do you really believe you are living your purpose working for someone else? Did you really come into this world to watch the clock and long for retirement?

Do you really want to look back from your deathbed (forgive the morbidity) and say “I wish I had followed my dreams…”

For so many years you have been part of the pack; you have seen work as the place to go where you can earn enough money to retire so you can do what you love. Or maybe the corporate world is the place that enables you to have enough money so you can vacation somewhere nice for 3 weeks of the year, and have that skiing holiday in the South of France.

But what if I told you I holiday whilst “working”. My business enables me to spend more time with the children…and I don’t ever plan on retiring because I love what I do and would HATE to give up running my business… I no longer spend 72% of my life building someone else’s dreams, but spend that time building my own dreams… and leaving a legacy for my children.

What if I told you that you too could do this, far easier than you have ever thought possible… All you need to do is make the decision to make the leap…

There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, and you ask:

“What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”