Today I’m sharing 7 reasons why you should start your PR straight away!

PR often comes a little further down the list to traditional marketing and I’ve never understood this. For all the importance we put on it, marketing is still a business blowing its own trumpet. PR, in contrast, has that third party endorsement whether that’s from press or the public that makes it so much more credible.

Think about that while you’re reading these 7 reasons why you should start your PR straight away!


The earlier you start on PR and reaching out the media, the earlier you will start to see results. PR can be a long process (many glossy publications work 3-4 months ahead) so you need to take action as soon as you can if you want to reach these.


Journalists, publications and broadcast media have their favourite sources for expert comment and content and building up these relationships takes time. You have to prove your reliability as well as expert knowledge and once they have their pet sources it is incredibly hard to get them to change to you instead.


Even if you’re not actively doing PR, your competitors are, and no doubt making the most of it too.


Even getting your PR off the ground take a while. You have to get in the mind-set of what the publications want, get your photos ready, not to mention build a media list.  A lot of this is donkey work before you even get onto the fun bit. The sooner you get this over , the better.


If you are looking to work with a PR agent or agency then it may take a while for you find the right fit,  and even when you have found them, they will need time to get up to speed with your business and how they can best represent it.


If you are doing your own PR, you will pick up a whole host of new skills and your confidence will increase dramatically. Surely this is something that’s better to start earlier than later?


Going through the process of devising and planning a PR campaign and strategy will inevitably cause you to look at your business in a different way and perhaps ask you and your team questions that you hadn’t considered before: a very valuable exercise and one that will help your business grow faster.

Finally, PR can be a lot of fun. There’s nothing quite like a great review or interview for boosting both egos and sales!