Today I am going to share with you 9 Ideas to get clients for your new business.

Many FreedomPreneurs come to me fearful of how to get their first customers when starting a business…  They are great at what they do, and absolutely passionate about helping people, making an impact and changing the world.

But they have fear of how they are going to make money, how they are going to be heard above the noise and how they are going to ever be able to leave their job behind and do what they love.

There is no need to be afraid because your potential clients are out there waiting to hear from you. So here’s my 9 ideas to get clients!




Create a video (record on your iPhones) outlining your services and highlighting that you understand the pains that your ideal client is having. If you clearly show you understand their pain and you have a solution, you will attract interest…


Write an excellent blog post (one which helps people overcome your ideal clients pain), and then create a workbook or a worksheet that can be downloaded alongside it in exchange for an email. Then email this list and share your services, as well as other fantastic information.


Tweet regularly and actually ENGAGE with your followers. Start conversations and get people genuinely interested in you. This interest will end up enabling you to get clients at best, and referrals at worst.


Get a speaking slot at an event where your ideal client hangs out. If you are a speaker, you are perceived as the expert in the room. And people want to do business with an expert.


Call your friends and tell them what you are up to. By sharing your new venture idea you can also ask them if they know anyone who may need your services. So often the simple ideas are the most effective.


Interview Industry Leaders. By positioning yourself with industry leaders you are automatically raising your profile in the best way possible. It won’t be long before you are seen as an Industry Leader by doing so. One of my dear friends, who is a top life coach in the UK, interviewed me for his show… you can see it here. It attracted a lot of attention and got me clients. Who can you reach out to that you can interview, or can interview you.


Get smart about LinkedIn. It is one of my favourite platforms for building connections and relationships… start reaching out to your current connections, or make new ones on LinkedIn. Try and be of service to others and build relationships. Why not phone them and see if there are any synergies – this is a great way to share your message.

Stand For Something

Have a message. What is it you stand for? By having a message that you want to share with the world you are standing for something. By standing for something, you will get people interested in hearing more… and when people hear what you stand for they will want to work with you. I stand for teaching people a step by step methodology on how to get out of a job they hate and into a business and life they love. I would love to hear what you stand for so please comment or send me a private message… Is there synergy between us?


Write blogs. Consistently. One blog does not make a business, but 5 blogs a week for a couple of months makes you an expert in your field. And we all want to do business with an expert.

The Takeaway

Lead generation and getting clients boils down to three core principles:

Having a great product/offer
Putting that product/offer in front of the right audience
Giving this audience a reason to act now.

If you can make these three things happen and then use some of the above tips to gain momentum, you should be on a good path not only for increased sales, but an overall strategy that will work for years to come.  Let me know how you get on with these tips in the comments below or reach our in an email.