90 Days To Freedom
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90 Days to focus your business and create a steady flow of leads and clients.

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I guess you are pretty frustrated with your business and life at the moment.
That’s why you are looking for a solution to your problem…

“I feel so trapped in my new business, when will it start to work?”

“I feel like I’m stuck and have just created a job for myself instead of a freedom based business

“It started fine, but I am running out of leads and don’t know what to do”

“It’s overwhelming trying to decide which marketing to do – there are too many options”

“I’m so scared that I’ll be a failure and have to go back and get a job”

“I don’t know if I’m even qualified to help other people anymore – no one wants to work with me”

Do any of these sound like you?

Many people dream of a better lifestyle than that of corporate employment. That is why they start their own business to begin with. They would love to use their professional skills to live a life on their own terms, to travel, work from wherever, whenever – while earning the same or more than their previous salary of course.
But most professional service providers who go out on their own never figure out how to make this happen.

But you have already done step one: you know the FreedomPreneur lifestyle exists and you have launched your business! Congratulations! You have done well so far, most people don’t even get that far.

And it started well, you had a lot of interest and leads from your existing network, but they are drying up, and you are stuck. You lacking the proper strategy to market your business and create the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle you desire.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Matthew and I are very excited to introduce to you the FreedomPreneur Business Academy’s

What is 90 Days To Freedom?

Online Business Education

The 90 Days To Freedom programme is an immersive 90 day online business programme.  It builds the foundations that many struggling professional service providers miss out they first start in business.  It brings structure and strategy to your business, letting your grow it toward the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle


The 90 Days Alumni are amongst the most supportive and inspirational people we have ever met. And they are all there for you. In our online community you will have the support, experience and encouragement of other professionals – just like you. People that are driven, ambitious and striving for excellence.

Professional Experts

It is designed specifically for expert professionals, like you, who are already in business. You know what you are good at, you now you want to have an impact and grow a business that gives you more time, money and freedom then it does right now.

Growing Resource

The course framework covers everything you need to know to market and grow your business. We have even added some bonus modules on how to use MailChimp, creating your LinkedIn profile, busines administration and more.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goal

We’ve found that most professional service providers have zero experience of running a business. You are talented at what you do, which is why you started your business, but you just don’t know how to make ‘the business’ work.

Even my clients with a traditional marketing background find themselves on a huge learning curve once they start their own small business.

There is so much to learn, and you have to become a jack-of-all-trades in the process – website setup, Facebook ads, social media marketing, copywriting, tech, graphic design, accounting and more. When you’re starting out, it’s overwhelming. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Feedback For 90 Days To Freedom | Amanda C. Watts | FreedomPreneur
Praise For 90 Days To Freedom | Amanda C. Watts


DIY Your Business

This is what you have probably been doing so far. You been trying to do it all yourself. You have watched videos on YouTube, read ALL the books, gone networking, attended free seminars and webinars, trying to find a solution that will actually grow your business.

You’ll struggle to see the bigger picture or know  how to implement each separate piece into one cohesive strategy

You’ll be at the mercy of any online marketer who tries to sell you their course in Pinterest, Webinars or SEO – you’ll be lunging desperately at every ‘shiny object’ or ‘magic pill’ that they throw your way.

You’ll have to trial and error your way to profitability, meaning you’ll waste lots of money and time in the process.

Worst of all, you’ll end up running out of money, time or energy trying to make your business come together. It’s very disheartening trying to make it happen all alone.

Fast Track With An Expert

Instead of trying to make it all up as you go along, use the formula or structure that has worked for someone else. A complete strategy that has been proven to create long lasting business success and momentum. Not just some snake oil marketing concept.

Get support from someone who has been there before, and understands not only the pitfalls, but also the common errors early stage entrepreneurs make.

✔  Commit 100% to the process and achieve greater results.

Make sure you have a community of like-minded people around you, who understand your dreams and will give you the emotional support and motivation you need.

In other words, allow yourself to be shown the way and fast tracked through the entire business building process.

What’s included in the 90 days to freedom programme?

Get Clear | 90 Days To Freedom | Amanda C. Watts | FreedomPreneur

Module 1:

Getting clear on your Business Sweet Spot – I’ll guide you around these important elements: Doing what you love, doing what you are talented at, and what your clients will pay you handsomely for!

Getting clear on your ideal client, and your business niche! We really drill down deep to understand who it is that you work well with, where to find them and how to speak to them so they buy!   You will discover what a niche is, the best way to pick a niche to work in and facing niching fears! We have your back on this one!

Module 2:

Getting clear on the message you are bringing to the world – what are your clients pains and how do you help them. Then we see how we are going to share this message with the world (or your corner of South London).

Module 3:

Getting clear on your offering – first up is the signature system (don’t worry if you have no idea what this is – all will be explained!). It is a powerful framework to make your business professional and have you seen as an expert.

Module 4:

Getting clear on the products/services you are going to offer. No more time for money and being trapped by the number of hours you work. We look at business models available, and create a business around the hours you want to work.

Get Known | 90 Days To Freedom | Amanda C. Watts | FreedomPreneur

Module 5:

Getting known and building a list of leads. We create a lead magnet that attracts clients to you like paparazzi round a celebrity. We create a magic pill solution for your clients, that makes you an expert with ease.

Module 6:

Getting known using your Website. Your website will either be a waste of money, or get you leads and clients. All too often it’s a waste of people’s money. We show you templates to use and teach you copywriting so your website becomes the profitable hub of your business.

Module 7:

Getting known by sharing your wisdom.  We examine where your clients are and the best way to share your lead magnet.

Get Clients | 90 Days To Freedom | Amanda C. Watts | FreedomPreneur

Module 8:

Getting clients through conversations. You have to have sales conversations, but this can be a massive blocker for many. I teach you a step-by-step framework that closes the sale over 80% of the time when done well…

Module 9:

Getting clients is the backbone to your success. We look how to use educational based marketing and the strategies you need to build a tribe.  We then create your first mini campaign.

How is the 90 Day programme delivered?

The 90 Days To Freedom programme is an online business programme.

You receive modules every week for three weeks, and the fourth week is for implementation. Then another 3 weeks of modules, then another implementation, and so on.  This means that you are never overwhelmed, and can continue to work in your business at the same time as working ON your business.  You have the opportunity to execute what you are learning, while you are learning it.

Each module contains videos and often worksheets containing in-depth exercises to help your understanding and the creation of your own marketing and business material.


This programme has been specifically designed for the early stage professional service providers.

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  Framework – we focus on doing less rather than doing more. We could teach you hundreds of marketing techniques and get you being really busy, but this doesn’t grow your business. Focus and strategies grow your business. This is what makes us different.

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  Practical, action-oriented video modules that walk you through exactly how to market your business.

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  In depth printable worksheets to accompany the videos and guide you through the work.

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  Membership to the exclusive online community of professional service providers all growing their businesses.

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  Access the material from any desktop, laptop or smartphone, wherever you are.

Bonus Material included in the training:

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  MailChimp (email marketing) Training module by Matthew J. Watts (Value £97)

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  A bonus module on business administration (how to register a business, apply for a trademark, buy a domain, etc.)(Value £497)

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  How To Create A Powerful LinkedIn Presence Tutorial (Value £97)

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  5 Elements Of A Successful Brand Tutorial (Value £297)

tick | Freedompreneur | Matthew J. Watts  How To Launch & Grow An Extraordinary Facebook Group Tutorial  (Value £197)

A personal note from Amanda

Dear corporate escapees, entrepreneurs and small business owners…

I just want to say that one of the biggest things that changed my life was confidence. I see so many people want to leave the corporate world because they are missing their family, stressed, overworked, unhealthy and worn out. But they lack the confidence to do so.

This programme has been created with templates and worksheets so that you are not overwhelmed and it’s been designed so you don’t get even more burnt out; but instead confidently get clients, money and freedom.

The day I joined a business programme that gave me templates and systems for everything my confidence skyrocketed. I knew it was no longer “will I have success?” and became “ it’s a matter of focus and doing the work – I will have success”.

My aim is for you to feel this confident too. I know this will happen because when you start the programme you will have a plan. And this plan will ensure that you purposefully and consistently create a business from nothing, but know it will be something.

I invite you to sign up today, and join a group of early stage entrepreneurs looking for more freedom in their life!

See you on the other side.

Amanda C. Watts | handwritten signature | FreedomPreneur

P.S. If you think it’s about starting a business you are missing the point. It’s about creating a life of Freedom.


Why 12 weeks?

I have been an entrepreneur long enough to know that you want to move fast at the beginning of your journey as you are excited about changing your life. We work hard and fast in the first 12 weeks so you have your strong foundations, and have left no stone left unturned when setting up the business.

Is this a self study course?

Yes it is a self-study course, you are in control of your future.

Will I get lost in the crowd?

Nope! Put your hand up and ask in the Facebook Group – the more you ask the more support you will get.

Will I get to work with you 1:1?

You can choose to upgrade to 1:1 coaching support (if space allows). Please email support@amandacwatts.com if you would like more info.

What happens when I sign up?

You will get access to the 90 Days To Freedom programme on the 18th October (or immediately if you have joined us after this date). The modules are spread out over the 12 weeks, with time allocated for implementation too.

You will also be added to the Facebook Group by our team.

Who is the programme for?

I love helping professional experts. These are specialist service providers.

Coaches, consultants, organisers, stylists, accountants, personal assistants, web designers, etc.

If you want to start a business, or have started a business and winged it to date then this programme is your answer.

If you’re sick of building someone else’s dream, and want to create a life of freedom this programme is for you.

It is for people who want to make the leap no matter what. It’s not for people who want to play at having a business… this will become your life, so you have to be hungry to make it work.

It is for people who ask for help, not moan that they can’t do it. There are two mindsets – fixed and growth. If you have a growth mindset then this programme is perfect for you.

It is for parents who want to leave their day job and start a business.

It is for corporate employees who felt like their job was their baby, but now they have fallen out of love with it and want a new baby – a business of their own.

How long will it take me to make money?

How long is a piece of string. I have had clients take the programme and within a few weeks bring in £7k. For others it can take 6-12 months of running campaigns and tweaking and measuring to have the success. I am not offering you a magic pill – I am offering you the chance to set up a business with deep foundations, which will bring stability to your earnings and enable you to give up your day job.

How much extra money will I have to spend outside the programme cost?

Every single business I have ever started has been with nothing in my pockets. At one point I grew a six-figure business from being on housing benefit.

No one has ever invested in me. I have never put business expenses on a credit card, or had a business overdraft. I am the queen of growing a business on a shoestring. You will need a website, but there are no flashy costs and no massive Facebook advertising investments to be made.

What’s next?

After you have completed the 90 Days To Freedom programme you will continue to have access to the Facebook Group. What you learn in the coming weeks will need to be revisited as your business grows… so the programme is priceless.


Investment £297

Praise For The 90 Days To Freedom Online Business Programme | Amanada C. Watts | FreedomPreneur | United Kingdom
Client Success In The 90 Days To Freedom Programme | Amanda C. Watts | FreedomPreneur | Matthew J. Watts
Praise For The 90 Days To Freedom Programme | Amanada C. Watts | FreedomPreneur | United Kingdom