Make Following Your Passion Your Fulltime Job

The Problem

We set up a business because we want more freedom, but it’s hard to get clients and make money without a step-by-step process. We stay in hobby mode and low earnings.


We understand the FreedomPreneurs™ Journey and have a step-by step process to take you from hobby mode, to profitable business, doing what you love.



The Methodology

Our methodology has helped hundreds of struggling and wanna be business owners launch and grow their businesses and become FreedomPreneurs™.

The Mission

It is our mission to help 1 million people make following their passion their full time job, and feel confident and excited about becoming FreedomPreneurs™!

Our Story

Amanda set up her business to enable her to have freedom to take her children to and from school, and to ensure that she had time to do what she loved.

In 2009 she was given the choice between returning to work for someone else or creating a business that she loved around her life. Guess what she chose?

And life keeps getting better.

At the FreedomPreneur™ Business Academy we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunities that we do. To make following their passion their full time job and live a life of freedom.

It sounds so simple. And it is.

  • Clarity 100%
  • Job Satisfaction 100%
  • Lifestyle 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
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Amanda C. Watts

Amanda C. Watts


Business and Marketing are her passion. Since founding The FreedomPreneur™ Business Academy, Amanda has developed and honed systems and strategies that catapult a businesses success. Her work has lead to her becoming a mentor for Richard Branson’s Virgin Start-Up programme and she speaks regularly on living a life of freedom and having a start-up that stays up.

Matthew J. Watts

Matthew J. Watts


Matthew lives behind the scenes.  He loves beer, pubs and marketing. Not necessarily in that order.  He has escaped from the hospitality industry and now makes sure that the websites work, the emails are read and the books get balanced.  Technical details are one of his forte’s and he isn’t shy about getting his geek on.  He is in charge of the smooth running of events and looks forward to meeting you at the next FreedomPreneurs™ In London meeting

Escape. The definitive guide to escaping the rat race, starting a business and getting clients | Amanda C. Watts


Amanda’s book is now an Amazon best seller!  It has reached people all around the world and it helping them to have the freedom based business that they desire.

It is an essential guide for early stage entrepreneurs.  It will give structure and direction to your business, using downloadable worksheets and activities to help you get more clients, more money and more freedom.

You can download your free copy on the home page of this website or click the button below to grab a copy from Amazon.