Question: Are you average?

Successful people care about their lives more than the average person.

Average people earn money-doing things they don’t love. They build other peoples dreams, and are often told what to do and when. An average person often lives a life of average means, having average holidays and an average home.

They make an average difference to the world, and have average emotions.

Average Watch Too Much TV

Average people often watch too much TV. They are entertained by a box that sits in their living room, watching entertaining programs, and being sold an average life by too many advertisements. They are influenced to buy things they don’t need, and are told that these things will improve their average lives.

Average Are All Play And No Purpose

Average people love instant gratification and play far too much. Average people are more likely to drink often, smoke more, dabble or get addicted to drugs and look to be entertained.

Average Are Too Lazy To Track Time

And why should you track time? Tracking time is boring. Average live in the moment and don’t think about the future, for them, others or the world. Tracking time is pointless, yes? Why would you want to know how to spend the only thing that money can’t buy?

Average Are Lazy

Fact: When you are not doing anything you are being lazy. Being lazy is a hige barrier for productivity, and doesn’t promote action.

Average Wake Up Late

Average people live for the weekends and their weekend layins. Average people don’t have a lot to achieve and therefore don’t need to get out of bed.

Average Wait For Inspiration

Average believe that they will get a flash of inspiration, and then they take action. Which is why they never get anything done. Days roll by and months become years, and average are still waiting for that flash of inspiration.

Average Don’t Act On Their Thoughts

All of us have great ideas in our minds. Average do not act on these ideas. The reason 99% of businesses fail is because the majority never even make it out of an average mind. No action is taken, and therefore no success is achieved.

Average Make Assumptions

We know the saying, if you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME. Making assumptions is average. Average often settle on assumptions and think they are fact.

Average Have A Fixed Mindset

Average give up at the first hurdle when they are presented with something difficult. Average believe that they cannot achieve as they have a lack of talent in that area, and there is nothing they can do about it. This is an average fixed mindset.

Average believe that they are stuck with whatever they are born with. And average people believe that they can never change their lives.

Are you average?