Are You Overthinking Your Business Idea?

I have a simple theory that the reason why new business owners fail to move forward and grow a business.

As I work with my clients I constantly stress the need to do their homework, and not skip any points when creating your business foundations, because mastery of business is crucial to your success.

But at what point should you take massive action, and stop creating? At what point have you done enough competitor analysis, watched marketing webinars and gone to enough trade shows?

There comes the time when you just need to stop consuming other people’s info and start to jump in and create a thriving business. I teach about entrepreneurship for a living.

Some of my clients are very nervous and hesitant, they are fearful about whether they get their homework ‘right’ and are unable to make decisions. Many that come to me find excuses to not move forward and find months later they are still working on their Niche!  They are overthinking it!

These businesses start slow and take years to really get off the ground, if at all.
I have also noticed that what makes some entrepreneurs highly successful is also their downfall.

Whether it is creating a webinar, sales page or even their website… they obsess over the little things and forget the big picture. Whilst it is important to have attention to detail I want to share with you that you can’t lose sight of the goal at hand!

Working on projects can be fun, it allows us to be our most creative self, but at some point you have to stop and get some momentum behind your products and services. You have to get your business to market, fast!

Otherwise, you may miss the market if you dither. The problem with waiting and trying to get everything 100% right means that you assume that what you are creating is correct, you assume that it will be a success and that your message will land and your business idea will be loved.

Many times my assumptions have been wrong, and I am guessing that this is the same for you also. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!

A strong trait of a FreedomPreneur is the fact that they know they will never have all the answers. Life is going to surprise you and the only thing you can do is believe in yourself and know that you can overcome anything that is thrown in your path.

Of course, it is okay to be nervous, but as I always say it’s about using gumption to give you courage and then the confidence comes.

If you are afraid of the unknown or making a mistake you should think long and hard about becoming a FreedomPreneur. It’s not for the faint hearted! If you believe that you have what it takes and that you can jump in without overthinking and see how your ideas and services land, here are 5 tips to get you on your way:

Be OK With Not Knowing Everything.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so be prepared to not have all the answers. Seek advice and if you don’t know something make sure you are transparent. Someone will know the answers to the questions and problems… seek help.

Be OK With Knowing That You Are Going To Make Mistakes

Yep, that is right, the chances are you will get things wrong. The chances are you will take some products and services to market and they will FAIL! Yep, that’s right, the dreaded F word. But you know what, if you know you are going to sometimes fail, it makes it easier to learn from these failings and get back up again.

Stand For Something

One thing I get my clients to do is to be so visible that they can’t hide and just work on projects! If you stand for something (a mission/something you love/hate) then you will always have something to write/speak about. This means that whilst you are creating in the background you are still being visible in the foreground.

Create Projects And Keep On Moving Forward

You can procrastinate and create a brochure, website, webinar and it can take you weeks if not months to get all this sorted. But remember if you break the projects down into steps and have a goal to which you are heading for you will make things happen.

Remember, a FreedomPreneur MAKES things happen, they don’t allow things to happen TO them.

If you are confident, flexible and open-minded you are well on your way to becoming a FreedomPreneur.