Author: Alexandra Merisoiu

Is Sitting The New Smoking – Are You Sitting Yourself To Death?

Is Sitting The New Smoking – Are You Sitting Yourself To Death? No doubt you are aware of the implications of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the NHS and a study – involving almost 800,000 people – a sedentary individual has: 112% increase in risk of diabetes 147% increase in cardiovascular events 90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events 49% increase in death from any cause So are you sitting yourself to death? The study was carried out by researchers from Loughborough University and the University of Leicester. The primary author is being funded for a PhD in the Department of...

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9 Things Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Athletes

9 Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Athletes This is a topic very close to my heart ever since I realised that my athletic performance and business success are closely related. In the past people told me I need to choose hats, will I be an elite athlete or a successful entrepreneur? I understand why they said this, but in the same time you cannot take half of someone’s heart and expect them to survive. My answer to them was (in my mind): I will do both, I will be successful in both not matter how long it takes. It...

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The Butterfly Effect

Alexandra is one of my mentoring clients, and she kindly agreed to undertake the marketing task of dominating social media in less than a couple of weeks. Here is the results in a blog she has kindly agreed to write for me. I posted on Twitter twice an hour for 10 days, over 300 posts. You might think it’s difficult, it’s going to take a lot of time and what are you going to write about. You are right, it does take time and effort, but hey building a business and making yourself  visible for those who need you...

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How A Walk In Hyde Park Helps Your Productivity And Focus

Today I want to share with you 4 reasons why a walk in Hyde Park helps your productivity and focus, as an entrepreneur and as a human being. Our mind and body are always connected, and although the mind can function even if the body is not 100% functional, they are at their best when they work together. When I was in school, even when I had exams, my parents almost never gave me a break from Karate training. They knew that I needed the break, I needed the physical component alongside the mental. And they were right, even...

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3 Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk To Relax Your Body

As entrepreneurs we do what we love, we are passionate about our mission. We never work because we love what we do. However, because we love it so much we tend to do too much of it. I know I do sometimes…most of the time actually. I could sit and write for hours and hours if my body wouldn’t start complaining and asking me to stretch out and move around a little.  So I created these stretches you can do at your desk. We get so caught up with our work during the day and we feel it at...

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