Content marketing works, but what you produce HAS to be of high QUALITY & VALUE.

Much of my business is grown through content marketing, and my clients who have the best success are content marketing machines!

But I am not talking just about blogging; I am talking about creating really helpful information, content- rich information people can use in their business, life and day to day actions.

In fact reading this email is content marketing. Online workshops, blogs, webinars, podcasts, videos, interviews… they are all content marketing.  And are used to show you as the expert in your chosen field.

And this is how marketing used to work: 

  • You build a website, list lots of things about YOU and put your telephone number on for people to contact you.
  • OH – and you would take an advert out in the Yellow Pages and hope for the best.

This is how marketing works now:

You build a website, and jam pack it with FREE helpful advice that potential clients can experience, and information which gives them proper results if action is taken.

This could be in the form of:

★ Blogs: A why you must and what you must do guide.

★ Podcasts: Your blogs or guests who have had the success already.

★ Online workshops: (my biggest freebie) Show people a step by step guide on how to overcome their pain. Mine is How To Get 5 Clients In 30 Days. If you haven’t signed up, do so here.

★ Videos: These can be recorded and put on YouTube and your website. You can turn the video into audio too. They can be blogs, interviews or “How To’s”.

★ Books: Free books (not flimsy 2 page eBooks, but ones jammed full of value)

★ Downloads: Mediation downloads are a big hit if your audience loves them.

★ Quizzes: One of my favorites.  These quizzes can be great fun and shared everywhere; a quiz can guide and highlight what a client needs or doesn’t need and can lead them to sign up for your help.

Over the past 5 years I have spoken about content marketing to all of my clients. But I often hear:

‘Hang on Amanda, if I give all my information away for free, surely they will do it on their own and now come to me for help?’

I answer by explaining there are three groups of ‘potential clients’:

  1. The first group that potential clients fall into is what I call serial freebie fans! These people will never pay for professional help, they only ever want free help and they never were, or never will be, a client.
  2. The second group is the largest group, and was me for a long time until I awoke to the fact that time was money! These people try and do something by themselves. They think they cannot afford professional help so try and get results on their own, they then realize that this isn’t possible and hire a professional.
  3. And lastly the final group. These is the smallest group, and are rare, they value their time and understand that hiring an expert will help them get results faster. In fact they realize that hiring someone to do it for them means it works out far less expensive and gets them MUCH better results, MUCH faster.

So what does this mean to you, and should you decide to give information away for free?

  1. The first group weren’t going to ever spend any money with you. So by giving them free information you have lost nothing.
  2. The second group will have a go at actioning on your content, but some will see they need your help and will engage in your services.
  3. The third group, if you truly demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, and they like you, will hire you. It’s an easy decision for them because they already trust you – because you have demonstrated you know your stuff!

IGNORE anyone who tells you to automate your content, or outsource it to content creation machines.  Your content must be of high value, and be well thought out. Don’t hold back on how much you give, the more you give. the more clients you will get. FACT. And the more you give, the more you will be helping the world.

Happy marketing!