Most people believe that there success lies in the value that their prodct or service provides to it’s clients. And I want to challenge you to think about this for a little bit today. How can you make sure that you are getting paid for your value. And what does that mean?

You can have a great product that really cures my clients pain, but if it is delivered in a mediocre way than it’s value is diminished.

Similarly great restaurant can have wonderful service, great wine, delicious food and a relaxing ambience, but if the food is poor than the restaurant doesn’t realise it’s potential value.

The same thing can be said about Entrepreneurs and small business owners. I explain further in the video.

So only by improving yourself can your product or service realise it’s true value. Because when you grow, you become a better speaker, leader, manager. You have more powerful insights that you can share with your clients, and have a bigger impact on the world.

So how are you working on yourself, so that you can realise your potential and make sure that you are getting paid for your value?

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