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W e are nearly in month 6 of 2016 and I am wondering how many people who downloaded my goal setting workbook back in January, have stuck to their goals?  And that is why goal setting is pointless…

It’s not that I have something against goal setting, it’s just I have something against putting in the time to come up with them, and then completely forgetting all the goals you have in place.

You see setting goals in January often ends in nothing being achieved! You have 12 months to complete the goals so there is little urgency, and always tomorrow…

Goals which are out of sight, out of mind, just lose their power. Life gets in the way and then nothing happens. Your plan sits gathering dust, and no action is taken.

This is why goal setting is pointless.

Does this sound like you?

If you have written January goals, yet not done anything with them, then I have something exciting to share with you. It is a 60 day goal setting plan, that will spur you into action for the next 2 months, before the world breaks up for summer, and schools are out.

What is even more exciting is this 60-day plan will highlight the gaps in your business. One of the biggest reasons businesses don’t grow is because they live in La-La Land and think they are doing all they need to do to get clients… 99 times out of a 100 there is still plenty you can do to grow your business.

Goal setting is pointless, unless you action your goals.

The 60 day goal setting workbook is just the ticket to make goal setting powerful.

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