We are currently in an interesting and exciting time for the Start-Up business.

And the reason is, it is now easier than ever to dominate your sector, to become what we here at the FreedomPreneur Business Academy call a Niche Celebrity.

If the word celebrity makes your stomach churn, or want to rush in the opposite direction please hear me out. It doesn’t have to mean red carpets, champagne and holidays in St. Tropez.

It isn’t about being a household name and having everyone recognize you on the street so you can’t leave your home.

It is about “attracting clients like paparazzi round a traditional ‘celebrity’”.

Being a Niche Celebrity is about being the go-to person. The expert, the one that is on the tip of the tongue of all your potential clients, and being spoken about in all the circles where they hang out. It is about being a leader in thought, and deed.

But to become a Niche Celebrity you have to do certain things, and without compromise:

  • You have to educate, inspire and entertain your fans.
  • You have to be everywhere they turn so that they never forget you, or start to become a fan of the latest up and coming celebrity, as you have left their thoughts.
  • You have to dominate your chosen niche, and be constantly working on growing your presence.
  • You have to be friendly and helpful, being stuffy and ‘corporate’ is not the way to become a Niche Celebrity.
  • The days of presenting a lifestyle that makes you inaccessible and have a ‘Im better than you’ stance will leave you also client-less, and not a Niche Celebrity!

 So How Do You Become A Niche Celebrity?

It doesn’t matter how scary this feels, you have to be more visible and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, so that people can get to know you.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

Show your face on your website.

It doesn’t have to take up the whole home page, but you must make it easy for people to see the face behind the business.

Be on all social media platforms that your ideal clients are on.

And be on them all the time. It is easy now to schedule your updates so there is no excuse for you not to be tweeting regularly and updating your Facebook regularly.

And what do I mean by regularly – multiple times a day, and sometimes twice an hour (Twitter!)

Let your personality shine through.

The best way to do this is through video, which is pretty achievable now with YouTube and Periscope. If you want to build a tribe, make sure people can see you speak, and see that you are a leader and worthy of the title ‘niche celebrity’.

Promote interesting, free content that your fans can consume.

After many years of being in business, it has been free, consistent and interesting content being delivered that has be the catalyst for my growth.

Be present.

It is imperative to provide free content and be really visible, but you must also be present. Interact, care and build relationships with people, not just broadcast your information.

This is the secret sauce that many new businesses forget, as they are so caught up in generating content or working ‘in’ their business rather than on it.

It is about replying to emails that you get from people, even if they do not want to buy from you, but just interact with you.

It is about commenting on every comment on your blog, and replying to every tweet. And as your business grows be wary of outsourcing this interaction, as people want to interact with the Niche Celebrity, not their PA!

 Finally: Being a Niche Celebrity is all about being the go-to trusted resource. It isn’t rocket science, but it does take dedication, drive and resilience.

Are you a Niche Celebrity? If so what do you think made this possible?

If you want to become a Niche Celebrity get in touch; I can show you how to launch your business and become the go-to person in your niche.