The biggest problem I see people have when they start a business is they don’t have anything for people to buy. So many of you have a good presence on line, you have established as a credible authority and really captured the interest of your market, but there is no defined products for them spend their money on with you.

In this video I want to share with you a framework for creating products and the journey that you can take prospective clients on with your products.

Have a look.

Don’t think you have to all of the products that were mentioned, but using this framework will make it very easy for you prospects to understand you and your business.

You can see you can use a variety of gifts and products to build the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ aspect of your relationship with your prospects. By using different platforms and different methods of delivery you can attract clients from free information to your master product that has good profit built into it.

Remember to over deliver in all of your products, have them jam packed full of value and you will create a strong and loyal tribe of raving fans who then market your business for you.

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