As a coach or creative that has already started a business but is not yet thriving, there is one burning question you want to be answered.

How To Guarantee Success For Your Business?

And there is an answer to this question, a winning formula I teach my clients, one that you can implement immediately.  You will be extraordinary, grow a successful business and be a Freedompreneur.

Today I am going to show you that winning formula. And, why having the faith in what you provide, and then putting yourself out there will take you further than you ever thought imaginable.

You are going to discover how to grow your ‘email list’.

How being authentically visible attracts clients.

And how to elevate your business faster than ever before!

So let’s jump straight in and discover the first part of how to guarantee success for your business.


The 4F Method

The 4F Method is something I have used in my business since 2010 and it has made me the go-to person in my chosen niche.

When I lived in Salisbury, Wiltshire I was the go-to person for social media marketing. And I became this person using The 4F Method.

When I moved to the South of England I helped restaurants get more ‘bums on seats’, and became the go-to person for that. And I became this person using The 4F Method.

And now, having truly aligned my passions and my purpose I am attracting clients and getting known helping Corporate Employees make the leap to become Thriving Entrepreneurs. And I’ve become this person using The 4F Method.

You see it doesn’t matter what you do, or for whom you do it. You just have to follow The 4F method and you WILL have success. Time and time again.

Have you ever helped out a friend in need? Either getting them out of a jam or guiding them through a personal problem?

The chances are you have done this, and, being the lovely kindhearted friend you are you didn’t ask them for anything in return.

Well in order to run your successful business you have to think of your prospects in the same way.

They are coming to you because they have a problem and they need your help. Which is great because you have the answer to their problems. So you give them the answers for free.

You give them free, actionable content from the start, and they begin to build trust in what you offer. You give them the chance to get to know you, like you and then trust you. Only then do they buy from you.

The 4F method goes like this:

  • Free actionable content
  • Free education based content
  • Free actionable/education based content
  • Fee (ask them to buy from you/book a call to get to know you better)

Rinse and repeat.

You must start again at free. You must not just continue to ask people to buy from you, so it’s back to the beginning:

  • Free actionable content
  • Free education based content
  • Free actionable/education based content
  • Fee (ask them to buy from you/book a call to get to know you better)

It may seem frustrating and counter-intuitive to give stuff away for free, especially if you don’t know if they will ever buy from you, after all, what if they just take your information, have success and then disappear?

Whilst this is quite likely to happen with some of those who read/download and consume your free information, they probably wouldn’t have been clients anyway. Click here to read my blog on “Does content marketing really work?”

But for the majority of your customers, they will see the value you provide and become life long advocates who sing your praises with their friends and family.

They will potentially buy every product you have, and attend every event you run.

Suddenly that prospect who was just cruising the internet looking for a solution to their problem becomes a fan because they stumbled across your free information. And remember, if you hadn’t put out the information the chances are one of your competitors would have been there to help them. And then your competitors would have gained a new fan, not you.

Which leads me nicely onto PART 2 of your guaranteed success.

This second part is the bit that many of my clients stumble with most. And our society doesn’t help us with this problem.


Being Visible And Omnipresent (In other words dominating your marketplace).

Being visible and omnipresent (being present everywhere, widely and consistently encountered) is often vilified as ‘spamming friends and family through social media’ or some selling ‘Ice to Eskimos’ and conning people into ‘buying snake oil’.

All of these examples sound pretty horrendous, I must agree.

However, if you are Authentically Marketing this can be a wonderful gift you can give your prospects and your followers. And marketing is absolutely vital to your success. Authentic marketing, and being seen in the marketplace is not about spamming, ice or snake oil! It is about serving.

In fact, I urge you not to be a provider of services or products but a marketer of your business first and foremost. Because the better you are at marketing the more you get to do what you love.

And the more you get to do what you love, the more of a dream life you will lead.

A great way to be a marketer is to learn the different options available to you. You need to study marketing and branding, you need to know how to hold discovery calls, and how to close a sale. Because without this, you will not be able to grow your business and have the success you want.

Through trial and error, you need to find out what works for your business growth. You need to develop a strategy that attracts, converts and keeps clients. And don’t fall into the trap of ‘shiny shiny’ syndrome. There’s no get rich quick solution; you have to be consistent, and you need to avoid the latest shiny ‘miracle’ solutions Internet marketers are always selling.

I know first hand, as I have invested far too much money into these programs in the hope to get rich. But I quickly learnt that consistency and being visible is they key.

Putting 1 and 2 together to attract thousands!

Now that you understand the two key components for success, you can see what a successful business looks like.

First you must put value in everything you do, and give away your best information for free. This means you have to offer a compelling lead magnet to your prospects to build you list, and then continue to provide untold value so they get to know, like and trust you.

In addition to this, you must make sure that you are everywhere so you can be seen by prospects. So that they can stumble across your blogs, free gifts, webinars and engage with you.

All the while you are working hard on marketing and sharing your information on blogs, social media, webinars, speaking, targeted ad campaigns, you are reaching your prospects.

And because you are putting value and sharing first, when you do make an offer they jump right up because they want to get to know you better, and already love what you stand for. They transform from a curious prospect to a paying customer.

Doesn’t this sound like a great way to run a business? Constantly providing value and helping others, whilst you attract clients around you like paparazzi around a celebrity.

That’s the kind of life you can have if you implement this formula in your business today. This is how to guarantee success for your business.

To help you be omnipresent I created the Freedom Accelerator. It is a 21 day marketing strategy planner. You will find it in our Free Resources Page. Click Here To Download It.