That’s what I did; I made a big marketing mistake, and I share it with you today, so you can learn from my mistake.

Last year (beginning of 2015)I stopped sending my weekly newsletter.

You see, writing a newsletter takes time… well, mine did anyway. My newsletter was a blog which was jam-packed full of tips that my subscribers could action immediately, often based around marketing, time management or sales.

If you were on my list from way back then you will probably remember them. They were awesome; my subscribers and tribe used to email me so!

But after having massive growth in my business, and measuring my success against my marketing activities, it was clear (or so I thought) that none of my business came as a direct result of my newsletter marketing.

So I turned it off. And stopped writing blogs.

But I was so wrong.

I had a loyal following of my blogs. I had been blogging/newslettering for 3 years; every week like clockwork, and my clients and my tribe loved it… I just didn’t realise how much.

Since I stopped sending out newsletters and only ever contacted my tribe when I had a free webinar, or sharing a new programme, I just didn’t get the warm hearted feeling of giving and sharing that I used to.

It also meant that I didn’t have a weekly blog to put on my website.

Which meant that I didn’t have so much to share on social media.

Which meant that I wasn’t getting known for my Unique Genius and getting new tribe members.

Which meant I was relying on Facebook advertising to share my gift with the world. (And this costs money.)

But I have learnt a massive lesson from this marketing mistake.

Content still rules… webinars are great, free gifts are great, and having massive transformational results for your clients is great. But writing a blog/newsletter every week is also great.

So I am back. And have been back for nearly a year now. Like clockwork.

Because writing a weekly newsletter makes me happy. I get to share my gift with the world and, in a single blog, I can change your life forever.

So it was time to listen to my own advice – the advice I give my clients. It was time to be consistent again with my newsletters after having a year off, and helping you with my words of wisdom.

The webinars will still be happening.

I am still on social media.

LinkedIn is still my favourite place to hang out online… Have you joined me yet?


No sales. No pitching. Just awesome content to be shared.

Learn from my mistake and make sure that you are on the ball and sending a weekly newsletter. It may not result in direct sales, but it helps you build trust and get known for your ‘Unique Genius’. And being known for your unique genius means you attract clients to your business. And having clients means you gain more freedom in your life.

You need to be known for what you do best, and be in the front of your prospects’ minds at all times!

And look out for the weekly newsletter. Again it will be jam-packed full of tips to help you transition from your day job and become a freedom-preneur!