Are You Making A Noise Or Making An Impact?

All content marketing (think blog, video, audio) fits in to one of two camps. It is either making a hell of a lot of noise, or is making an impact on people…

So what is the difference?


The following is just making a noise…

>> Rambling Facebook lives regurgitating other people’s content in a less eloquent way

>> Sending emails to strangers (this is called SPAM)

>> Adding people to Facebook Groups without asking

>> Posting memes with motivational quotes in EVERY GROUP YOU ARE IN

>> Pop ups on your website

This marketing invades our world, and all to often we can waste hours of our days listening and watching other people make noise, with no regard to the effect it is having on our lives…

We have often been led to believe that any content is good content, but this just isn’t true… Any content is not good content, MOST content is noise and not impactful.

So What Is Useful Content That Creates An Impact?

Content that creates an impact commands our attention. It stands out in the sea of noise and gets watched and shared.

We subscribe to useful content.

We share useful content.

We want more useful content.

We recommend useful content.

We follow useful content providers.

We buy from useful content providers.

We join groups of people who provide useful content.

Because useful content builds the know, like and trust of a person and a product.

The market place is noisy, crowded and full of self promotion. When you switch to sharing insights and valuable, useful content you stand out. And one of the best ways to grow your business is by sharing impactful content. Content that positions you as the authority, not a noise maker.

Everything you share is either making a noise, or making an impact. Before you send that email, write the Facebook update, record your Facebook live, or tweet a link, STOP, THINK and ASK yourself…

“Am I making a noise, or making an impact?”

It is only through asking yourself better questions like this, that you will have a better business, and build your authority.