I was talking with one of my lovely clients today and she was saying that one of the pains of her corporate clients is that they shy away from being visible in the workplace, often through fear of being judged.

But this doesn’t just happen in corporate – this is one of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have and when they are not visible they do not attract clients! Fact!

So if you are one of the many entrepreneurs that are shy about putting yourself out there, and struggle with knowing how to be seen – then this week’s blog was written just for you!

Step One:

Become more visible.

The first thing you need to do is have something of value for your ideal clients.  Writing a blog is a great place to start, and the more high value blogs you write and upload to your website, the more Google will love you.  If Google loves you and ranks you higher ,your ideal client is more likely to find you.

Step Two:

Give for free.

Share your knowledge as much as possible. If you have great information then it will get shared over the internet, and this is the best way to get found.  So create webinars, podcasts, interviews and blogs.  Even long Facebook updates can reach the masses.

Step Three:

Comment on other people’s blogs and social media updates.

When you go onto LinkedIn or Facebook to see what others are up to, find something you have an opinion on, and comment on it.  Or, if you are still feeling your way and feel shy, then just write something supportive like ‘awesome blog, thank you for sharing’. If you comment on blogs on LinkedIn you will find your profile views go through the roof and this will lead to you making new connections and getting known. If you are too scared to blog right now, just leverage other people’s blogs to get known! The more you comment, the more confident you will be become.

Step Four

Stop worrying about what people think of you!

For years and years I resisted showing my face on video.  But, once I posted myself speaking on video, nothing bad happened at all. I didn’t get one hate mail, no one said I looked awful, and no one said I was clogging up their Facebook timeline with annoying marketing.  In fact, my opt-in rates of my 5 Client Challenge went through the roof compared to when I just posted a link and some words.

You see, it was taking baby steps and making myself visible which gave me confidence. I didn’t have the confidence to post the video, but my mother taught me always to have gumption!

And gumption is what made me post the video.  And subsequently I realised I could do it, so now I have the confidence to post video online!

Step Five

This isn’t really a step but more of a must do.

We are all scared to become more visible.  Anyone who tells you otherwise has used gumption to get visible and consistency has overcome their fear. You are no different from anyone else in the entrepreneur marketplace, in fact one of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have is lack of confidence.

Confidence comes through knowledge, planned and purposeful action, celebrating wins and accountability. This is what you need to grow your business and be more visible.

So until you become confident, use gumption to propel you. And if you wish to have a plan of action and learn how to market your business, then book a call with me here to find out how we may work together.

Lots of love