International Marketing Coach Amanda C. Watts and LinkedIn Expert & Coach demonstrate how to maximise LinkedIn.

This webinar was held live on Tuesday 20th May, 2015.  In this webinar Amanda C Watts and Adam Petford cover:

What LinkedIn can really do for Entrepreneurs….

★  Find new and great opportunities they never knew existed
★  Help to Book appointments with clients they had given up on
★  Leveraging existing business relationships to a new level
★  Connect, and Engage with practically Any Market in the world

If LinkedIn is NOT a major part of your lead generation process for 2015; you are leaving sales and money on the table.

Adam Petford is regarded as one of the UK’s leading LinkedIn experts and coaches, having run 100s of workshops and programs in the UK & the USA. A rare breed well ahead of his curve in both his field of expertise and the techniques to educate and help others he is often described as an inspirational speaker who delivers jargon free content that inspires businesses and professionals to take real action.