FREE ONLINE TRAINING – How To Successfully Escape The Corporate Jungle

We’re so lucky!

We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. Just truly amazing.

Our FreedomPreneur® are some of the most driven, passionate, excited, humble and supportive people we’ve ever met.

But don’t just listen to me tell you about them.  Listen to their stories, and then find them on social media. Ask them about the Academy or just follow them, because they are all awesome!

For some of our members their contact info is just there under their story…  what are you waiting for!

How about Julia?

When Julia started working with us she had 1 fitness class once a week in one venue. Now she has 7 classes across 3 London venues and has hosted her first Jumping event for 100 people!

She has been approached by television producers, is featured in magazines and is very excited about the future of her business.

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You can find Julia here:


Listen to Lucy Arterton…

Lucy had an asset but no idea of how to make the most from it.  Doing Amanda’s programme gave her a step-by-step plan to use to create a business and generate an income.

Her holiday let is now a sought after venue, hosts art classes, family and holidays and business retreats.

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You can find Lucy here:


And have you met Nicola?

Nicola was a single mum working as a VA but she knew that something wasn’t right. Now she lives her passion everyday and has a business she loves!

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You can find Nicola here:


Do You Know Alexandra?


When Alexandra joined us she made 200 a month. Before the programmes end she was earning 7 times more and working with less clients.  She is now a recognised specialist in her niche and has a business that continues to grow.

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You can find Alexandra here:


Here’s Kathy Bees!

Kathy did the programme in 2015 and loves being part of our community of FreedomPreneurs.  Being able to network and exchange ideas, and not feel alone with the pressure of business ownership has given her a new confidence.

Her business is growing faster than ever before and with the new structure and support Kathy knows that the sky is the limit!

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You can find Kathy here:


I chose the programme as it seemed to give a framework around starting a business that just made sense.

Through an easy and fun system the progamme takes you through the process of starting a business to successfully running it.

I gained confidence, had coherent system for my clients to follow, I had time to plan and a comprehensive understanding of where my business should be positioned and who is would help.

Coming from a corporate world I found Amanda’s programme to be a breath of fresh air that gave life to my business.  I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.

Mark Poultney

Leadership Development Coach

I wanted to do Amanda’s coaching, because I decided I was ready to start business and having coaching with Amanda, sounded like perfect fit with my current busy lifestyle.

Also the programme covered everything I had to begin my business.

My biggest point were lack of clarity who is my ideal client. I never done online business before,. so all the technical details and online marketing was very confusing to me and this programme with Amanda’s guidance put everything into place.

My last but perhaps biggest point was to become visible and start sharing my message. I overcome this and now it looks very natural thing to me without fear of what others might think of me and what I do.

Amanda exceeded all my expectations; she is amazing not only as a coach but also as a person.  She believed in me even when I was not was extremely helpful all the way through. I really would never been without her where I am now.

Jurgita Kasparr

Relationship Coach

Hi, I ‘m Warren Inspire Ryan, I recently did Amanda’s programme. I have been in business for just over 5 months now, I was in a place where I had amazing content and delivery, but I didn’t have a niche or clients. I was doing so many different things, it was liek chasing 10 rabbits at once.

Since doing the programme, I have now been able to package my services and tailor it to my niche. I now have a successful business and I have earned £7000 in one month which is a new height for me.

Warren Ryan

Coach and Moivational Speaker

I cannot thank Amanda enough for her guidance and support. She is tough enough to give you a boot when you need it and soft enough to empathise when necessary.  Either way, with dedication and drive on your end, her wisdom will help you to excel.

I was recommended to Amanda’s Programme and I haven’t looked back. I am amazed at how easy it actually is to apply and get tangible results from.

The Programme is set out in such a way that you constantly build momentum. Having Amanda to help me develop complete clarity from the start really got me going and into full swing.

Paul Miller

Author, educator, personal trainer and founder

My business was not growing and I was struggling to get clarity on what actions I should take to move my business on.
I didn’t know how to attract higher paying clients, how to demonstrate my value and have the confidence to raise my prices.

My three biggest wins because of the programme are better clarity on how to attract my preferred clients, what packages I should offer and finally having the confidence to increase my prices.

I have been on 2 other programmes this one differed from those in that I got much more support, written work to complete and I am no longer confused about how to build my business.

Lorraine Tapper

Marketing Coach