This is the truth about what starting a business really looks like – my journey from 2009 to 2016.

I have decided it’s time to share what’s happened to me in my business to date…

I see so many of you struggling and wishing that there was a magic pill…

The success I have today came from a LOT of learnings…

Where do you think you are at? Are you making the same mistakes I did?

2009 – 2013

• Charging by the hour (leaving me poor)
• Going to local networking events and eating breakfast and lunches (but not getting clients)
• Getting a business partner who had the same personality and skills as me, (and ultimately clashed as we brought the same thing to the table)
• Playing small and becoming friends with prospects instead of selling to them (got a great reputation for being helpful, but was left poor)
• Not doing multiple joint ventures (didn’t look to see who could promote me)
• Not believing in myself (which kept me helping for free)
• Watching the competition (which made me feel like crap)
• Getting a 1:1 coach when I should have done some online programmes first to get clarity (spent a fortune, and it wasn’t necessary)

2013 – 2014

• Not being consistent with my marketing (left me in feast/famine)
• Not getting testimonials (unable to show I was starting to rock)
• Having all my clients turn into friends (which meant I was so busy helping them for free)
• Not keeping boundaries with my time, (group programme means group, but I had 1:1s and I got resentful)
• Keeping prices low to persuade people to work with me (kept me poor)
• Trying webinar marketing (about 3 months) and not sticking to it (didn’t get traction)
• Not leaving my house to build relationships (didn’t build deep relationships with others in the industry)
• Letting my health and exercise slip (got weak and put on weight)
• Not using video as I was fearful (others got my potential clients)
• Not treating my business as a business but still a hobby (no systems to anything I did)
• Not blogging every week (inconsistency meant I lacked trust)
• Intermittent newsletters (again lack of trust)


• Not finding the right mentor, spent money on ideas, not practical steps (did this twice, didn’t learn by mistakes)
• Stopped niching and therefore stopped speaking to my ideal client (meant I got lost in the noise)
• Didn’t record systems and strategies, so held everything in my brain (super stressed and tired)
• Didn’t look after my computer (so it got sad and slow)
• Didn’t look after my body and continued to put on weight
• Didn’t outsource (so got burnt out and hair fell out)
• Didn’t stop work on holiday (so had no break for over two years)
• Got married and then went straight back to work, didn’t have a honeymoon (didn’t put my life as a priority)
• Stopped going out and seeing friends (My business running costs became huge, and I was under a lot of pressure, so my business became my life)

2015 – 2016
2015 changed everything:

• Stopped being a hamster and got a team
• Had nothing to do with accounts
• Stopped watching the competition, stayed on my path
• Created a strong tribe that I cared for and one that supported me
• Won awards
• Wrote best selling book
• Got a new mentor in a group setting and realised the value of group training
• Took all of August off to spend with my family
(Still didn’t do exercise)
• Increased turnover by 50%
• Retired husband and he now works in business
• Moved house
• Created live group events, and a six month live programme in London
• Oversubscribed on 1:1 coaching
• Created a 2 day VIP programme

This is the reason I created the 90 Days To Freedom Programme…

The programme is there to shorten your timeline and ensure that you don’t waste 6 years like I did, wasting thousands of pounds and not having the frameworks needed to have the successful business I have today. I learnt so much from my mistakes, and also learnt that that the most powerful thing is to be methodical, do the work piece by piece, don’t miss anything out and shorten your famine timeline…

And that is the truth about what starting a business really looks like!

I have created a webinar on how to get Clarity and what you need in your business to grow fast and get traction… if you would like to join me: Click Here