Today I want to talk to you about ways to grow your coaching or creative business. Yep, that’s right. How to get clients.  This is one of the main functions of your business, for without clients you don’t have a business, just a really expensive hobby.

Many of the coaches and creative that I work with believe that growing their business should involve extremely complex strategies, but it isn’t as complicated as you think.

The first way is FREE. The second way is PAID. The third way is all about PARTNERSHIPS.

I explain further in this video.

Free marketing provides great value and establishes you as the authority in your industry. It is your blog, social media, video content, any of yor content that is freely available. Free marketing is very time intensive as it requires you to generate and share the content.

Paid advertising consists of your Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, etc. It is fantastic and enables you to grow your list and increase your influence very quickly. 

It does require expenditure and also is quite time intensive. The ads need to be developed, and then the results tested and measured over time to ensure you are achieving the maximum return on your advertising spend.

And finally Partnerships. This is a great way to increase your database and generate leads. This is especially true if you are a great connector. Finding the right partners for your business is absolutely essential to have an extraordinary coaching or creative business.

As you can see, just 3 ways to grow your coaching or creative business. Choose one of these ways now and work on it consistently. A great way to do this is to download our Freedom Accelerator. It is a 21 day marketing plan that you can rinse and repeat. You will find it on our Free Business Resources page: Just Click Here.