I woke up today with that uneasy feeling.

You know the one you get when something isn’t quite right; when there’s something you know you should have done but you haven’t.

For me it’s not that unusual and it’s due to our climate…

It only happens when it rains heavily, as it is this morning, but it’s not really the rain that’s the problem.

It’s within my power to resolve but for about the past 3 years I’ve done nothing about it.

The reason why I have this uneasy feeling is part of the cause of most (startup) businesses not achieving their full potential…

I have a leaky gutter.

It only leaks when it rains heavily. It’s not really a major problem but it drips and leaves the side wall of my garage wet where the water splashes up from the pathway.

The solution is very simple – call a roofing / guttering company and get them to come and fix the gutter – probably only a 10 minute job for somebody who knows what they’re doing. The gutter is uPVC and in good condition – it’s likely to be just a faulty joint or where it’s come away from the boarding.


I’ve started the process several times. I’ve done an internet search for a local business but can’t find what I want.

It should be easy but it’s not.

I’ve searched for a guttering company or a tradesman who can fix the leak.

And that IS the reason why so many startup businesses face an uphill struggle.

I’m actually looking for something else. Not in my search terms but in my sub-conscious.

And, I guarantee that when you are looking for a service provider you too are looking for something else.

But most businesses tend focus on what THEY DO, what THEY WANT TO DO, and WHAT THEY THINK their customers want and NOT what their potential customers ACTUALLY WANT.

I’m not looking for a company that specialises in uPVC gutter replacement or fascia boards or soffit replacements. Or a company offering a big discount if I signup for a new roof.

I don’t want to call a mobile phone that is in the pocket of the guy sitting on somebody else’s roof, however financially convenient it might be for that firm not to have a telephonist or somebody available to answer calls.

I don’t want to leave messages that may never be returned.

What I want is to find a business that makes me feel that my custom is welcomed. That I’ll be treated as well as somebody who wants the guttering on their whole house replaced.

I want to feel that I won’t be quoted a ridiculous price because they don’t really want my business. I don’t want to be told that I really ought to replace my fascia boards because they’re 15 years old. (I know there’s nothing wrong with them and the inference is that they’re trying to fleece me.)

I want somebody who will turn up when they say they will; somebody who will come and fix my problem this week, not in several months because they’re so busy right now. I’m very pleased for them but it doesn’t help me.

What I want is a stress free transaction, from start to finish. A solution based around service and what I want – NOT what the business wants to sell me. I’m prepared to assume that because they’re in business they have the ability to do the work but I want a little more.

And the only way I’m going to get that warm feeling is if they tell me in both their words and actions. A website that tells me what they do and the services they offer just won’t cut it. I want to read what I’m going to get and how easy it’s going to be for me to deal with them.

The human buying behaviour is complex and is influenced by many factors but as you build your business and offer you should focus on understanding that you need to satisfy your customers WANTS and not their NEEDS.

I NEED my leaky gutter fixing – what I WANT, is to feel appreciated and not to have a load of hassle in getting it done.

And because I haven’t found it, I get this horrible uneasy feeling every time we have heavy rain because I’m reminded I still have a long outstanding item on my To Do list.

The most important learning point is that when I do find the answer to my WANTS that business will retain my loyalty in the future and will benefit from me telling others how pleased I am.

But until a business makes it easy for me to find them and I believe they can do what I want without hassle, I’m going to keep having this uneasy feeling.

As you work on the content for your website think very carefully about who you are writing for – it should be personally focused on the most important person in the world you want to attract to your service or product.

Don’t be shy, let us know what challenges you are facing in creating the content for your website – we may be able to help you get clarity.