It has never been easier to start a business. Entrepreneurialism is taking the world by storm.  I did it. You have probably done it.

Your competition certainly has.

The coaching, creative and wellness industries have never been so competitive, especially coaching. It is now the second fastest growing industry globally, just behind technology.

And your competitors are all doing the same thing as you.  A life coach is the same as another life coach. An accountant is the same as another accountant. A massage therapist is the same as another massage therapist.

Unless you can differentiate yourself from your competition and be the one that stands out in the marketplace.

Be the one that is remembered.

Be the one that is referred and recommended.

Matthew and I discuss this and more in the video below.

What small changes can you make to stand out and be heard above all the noise? What is it that makes you and your business different to everyone else in your industry?  I would love to know so please tell me in the comments below.