You are on a Skype “Get to know you call”, or are having a meeting with a prospect and they are excited to work with you… they then say one of the following:
1. I have to check with my husband/wife
2. I am still in debt paying for my last coach
3. Yeah I am up for it, send me through the details and i’ll get back to you.
It all sounds perfect. You add the money mentally to your bank account and eagerly await their call back with a credit card, or the online order form to be completed.
Let me tell you what is really happening. It’s time for a reality check. 9 times out of 10 they will not call, or complete the order form.
In fact you probably will not hear from them again. And if you chase them they will say “not now” “maybe later…” “thanks but I can’t at this time…”
I have seen this multiple times. And it is NEVER a different story.
Anything other than yes, and a fill out of an order form or passing over of credit card details, is a NO.
And this “no” is unlikely to change to a “yes”.
You see if they are running their own business they don’t have to check with the husband/wife. If they are still in debt from paying off their last coach they will not have the right mindset to invest and action on your coaching/consulting. And if they really wanted to work with you they wouldn’t have to think about it.
Which is why your number one aim is to get to a YES. Otherwise it is a NO. Which isn’t that bad really, it stands for Next One.
Why am I telling you this? Because I am seeing so many coaches, speakers and consultants stay stuck not earning any money HOPING that their ship will come in, with loads of clients on board.
If they don’t give you a YES and sign up fast, don’t linger. Move on to the NEXT ONE!
The only way to grow your coaching/consultancy business is to have more conversations and not get hooked on phantom clients.